Trust in the Cloud – Part 4

When it’s business critical how reliable is the Cloud?

In Part 1 of our Trust in the Cloud series we started by saying that when we talk to a new client our questions always enquire about their Backup, Security and Reliability

In this final section we focus on how reliant your business is on the Cloud and therefore how important it is that your Cloud services are as reliable as possible.

In general, Cloud services have made huge strides in reliability over the past few years. They still fail every so often, but Office 365 generally reaches 99.99% uptime.

The most likely failure is your connection to the internet.

If your Cloud services are business-critical, your connection to the internet is also business-critical. Don’t tie them to the cheapest internet connection you can find.

Look for a service with a published SLA that will be repaired within 24 hours, not when Openreach get around to it.

Work out how much data will be transmitted back and forth over the internet and understand what that means in bandwidth.

The real cost of any Cloud services is the cost of the subscription plus the cost of the internet connection needed to run it.

A sensible Cloud provider of business-critical services can help you evaluate what you have against their service’s needs and will advise you to upgrade your connection if it won’t make the grade.

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