As of January 14th 2020, Windows 7 is now (mostly) out of support – it was released in October 2009, so it’s had a good long run.

Microsoft will no longer provide patches and updates for bugs and security issues (unless you opt for extended support).

Just because Microsoft won’t produce security patches from now on, that doesn’t mean Windows 7 will stop working immediately.

What it does mean is that gradually, every other software supplier will stop releasing patches and updates for Windows 7, so slowly, bits of it will stop working. For example:

• Google will support Chrome on Windows 7 until at least July 2021
• Mozilla’s Firefox will probably work on the same basis
• Microsoft will provide security updates to Office365 on Windows 7 until January 2023
• Panda Security are still supporting their anti-virus on Windows XP (five years after the end of Microsoft support)

This doesn’t mean you can be complacent, as your underlying OS won’t get security updates, but it does mean it’s not too late to plan rather than panic.

The options post Windows 7

Extended Support
If you have Windows 7 Pro or Enterprise, you can buy Extended Support on a yearly basis to get security patches.

This starts at $50 per device for 2020, $100 for 2021, and $200 for 2022.

If you choose not to buy into Extended Support in 2020, but find you absolutely must have it in 2021 or later, you’ll need to pay for the preceding years’ support as well.

OS Upgrade
If you have a reasonably new machine (from around 2016), it could be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

That’s likely to be around £200 for the OS licence, and you might want to consider replacing the hard disc as well, just in case that 3 year old+ drive gives out.

You’ll be without a machine for as long as it takes to upgrade as well.

PC Replacement
New machine, new warranty, up-to-date hardware performance.
Depending on what you go for that’ll cost anywhere from £750 upwards.

Alternately there are new options like TAAS – Tech As A Service – finance your machine over three years and hand it back for a replacement at the end of the term.

Cost for a TAAS agreement runs from about £1 per user per day. There are Ts&Cs and a minimum £1000 spend, but it’s an interesting offer.

Call or email to discuss how we can help you move from Windows 7.

What did nTrust do about Windows 7?

We replaced our last Windows 7 machine just after Christmas, and turned off our last Windows 2008 (also out of support) at the same time.

We have been telling our clients for about 15 months that this day was coming, and helping them plan the most cost effective way of handling it.

Whether you are replacing 5 or 50 PC’s you need to plan, budget and take action in a timely manner, rather than a knee jerk reaction at the last minute.

So, if you would value high quality strategic IT advice and guidance, from an IT Support company that is always looking to add value for its clients, please contact us.

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