If you’re looking at updating your current IT systems, you’ll have heard of hosted desktops, remote desktops, virtual desktops, desktops as a service or Citrix. What exactly are these strange desktops and could they be for you?

Traditional IT meant relying on software installed on a computer or laptop and storing documents on a server. Recently cloud technologies have given us the ability to synchronise files over multiple locations but applications like Sage Accounts rely on databases which don’t work with synchronisation. Hosted desktops overcome this by putting the application and the data in a secure environment which can be streamed to a variety of devices over an encrypted connection.

Streaming the application opens up the option of flexible working. You could be at the train station with a phone, on a beach with your tablet or at a client site with a laptop. All you need is client software (MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS) and an internet connection to access your programs as if you were at your desk. Snowed in at home? Trains not running? No problem – just connect and log in!

With hosted desktops, applications are only installed once, on the server. Any application updates are applied to the server rather than to the client machines. This reduces the amount of management time required and helps to keep you more secure. Processing power, memory and storage required by applications are all server based which means your client machines can have a lower (cheaper) specification while giving you the same desktop experience.

Running on a scalable platform means you only pay for the capacity you need. You can start with one user and expand to thousands with minimum fuss. Available as a fixed monthly cost per user to make budgeting for IT costs simpler, and avoids the capital outlay associated with purchasing a server.

Hosted desktops with F2 Technology Ltd are backed up daily and are hosted from a secure Tier3+ Surrey based data centre. If you’re interested in the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere you can get online why not get in touch?