F2Cover is designed specifically for small businesses as an alternative to a one-off “out of contract” charge. We understand that IT failures cost businesses time and money. nCover ensures all IT issues are taken care of as soon as possible, so there’s minimum downtime.

No more waiting every time something goes wrong, just like having an in-house IT department.



Unlimited remote IT support

for your computer, smart phone and tablet

Professional anti-virus and anti-fraud software

Latest version virus protection for 1 device per user

10GB business-class back up per user

Online backup stored in a Tier3+ Surrey datacentre for our data and digital photographs. Encryption of your backup data so that the content remains private and secure. We can rapidly retrieve your backed-up data if your hardware is stolen or damaged

Secure storage of all your key admin details

Help with connecting your printer

Procurement advice

Investigation of failed equipment if delivered to our redhill office




All of the benefits of the Silver Package plus:

Office 365 Software License

A subscription service to MS Office 365, which gives free updates to the latest versions as they become available

Office 365 Business class email

with Outlook calendars, scheduling, and syncing across multiple devices

Email spam filtering

Automatic effective spam filters to save you time and money

Managed Updates

for Windows, Office and common applications. Up-to-date software reduces cyber vulnerabilities

Increased Backup Quota

20GB data backup per user

Domain registration for your business


Is it cheaper the more users we have?

Yes – F2Cover is suitable for up to 5 users, with cheaper rates if you have more than 2 users.
Call us to chat over what you need and we will send you our F2Cover price list or a quote for your particular requirements.

How many devices are covered?

We will cover all devices in use by one user, we consider it normal practice to have a PC, a mobile phone and maybe a tablet.

Is my iPhone Covered?

Yes, we can help you configure your iPhone to do the things you are struggling with.

What is the contract length?

The initial term is 3 months. After that the notice period is a full calendar month.

What happens if I have a problem on a Saturday?

If it is a business-critical problem, call us on +44 7577 404326. If not, then email us on abdulsametdogan@f2technology.co.uk explaining the problem and we will respond on the next business day.

Can I call from abroad?

Yes, absolutely, our business class remote connection tool works from anywhere you have an internet connection. Bear in mind time zones though.